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    I'm synchronizing Versamail with my desktop Outlook, which works great except for one aspect: after retrieving new messages via my Treo 650 and subsequently Hotsyncing, the new messages do not appear on my desktop Outlook. I've tried contacting palmOne support on this issue but they've not been very helpful. Is this a feature that should work? Any ideas on fixes?
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    Not sure I understand what you are saying. Outlook is just a view of what is in your mailbox. If you don't see new messages in Outlook after you retrieved them with VM then check the setting that leaves messages on server. Make sure that you find that setting and make sure it stays checked. That should solve the problem.
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    dang, I have that setting checked. i'm not necessarily saying that my desktop Outlook will not be able to download the messages from the server (Gmail) anymore--I expect that. But when I retrieve messages from Gmail via Versamail on my Treo and then Hotsync, I should be able to see those new messages on my desktop Outlook, right?
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    No you won't see them.

    Currently the VM conduit does not upload messages from the handheld to the desktop. The ONLY messages to take that route are the ones that are to be sent on your behalf.

    It all has to do with they sync logic right? The device has a message that the desktop doesn't. What happened to it? Generally speaking the message is presumed to have been deleted from the desktop and hence should logically be deleted from the handheld. Doesn't work that way in the other directiion though. If the desktop has the message and the handheld doesn't, it is presumed that the device has not yet seen the message (unless of course it was marked for deletion and you empty the trash) and is then downloaded to the handheld.

    I suppose without some of those rules you might never be able to get rid of a message you didn't want!!!!

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