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    Ok.. When I make or get a call that's not in my phone book, that screen pops up that asks if I want to save it to my contacts.

    I love this feature.. however - is there a way that if someone calls me from (for example) their cell # and I already have their home number entered as the only contact info, that I can "save" to an existing contact? The only thing I see now is create a new contact with that phone number. In the interim, I have been copy pasting the # to the existing contact, but it would be a nice "feature" to "save to exisiting..."

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    Sorry.. anyone?
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    Yeah, that would be great. Has anyone figured out a way to do this?
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    I'd also like to know how to do this. I've just been writing down the number and manually editing the existing contact info ... how primitive! There really should be an "add to existing contact" option for this.
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    All of my cell phones (the sanyo line) had that option. I could click save and it would ask new contact, or existing. If I chose existing, I would find the one, click it and it would ask which location to put it in (cell, home, etc)

    Quite surprising that this is omitted since they put the query in to save in the first place...
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    What I do is say yes. Then I highlight the number and the select paste. I then go to contacts and then paste it on the correct person. Not perfect, but it works better than writing or memorizing the number. Just my two cents........
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    Yeah. I do that too, I just wish there was an easier/more direct solution.
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    Another option is to go to call log, select "copy number" and paste to existing contact. I know it is the same # of steps but options are good!

    I would like to know how to get that window to come back, though. I accidentally clicked the "don't ask again" box and can't find an option to turn it back on!
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    In case anyone is interested, the latest beta version (for 650) of TakePhone does this. You may or may not want to purchase Takephone solely for this feature, but it is an option.
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    Sigh, I really wish TakePhone was more to my liking. I really want the features but I dislike the way it works.

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