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    I know I've asked this question before, but nobody answered...I just want to know how well the battery on this device is doing for those of you that have now had plenty of time with it. My GSM 600 has been excellent, and I have a GSM 650 on order from ViennaChannels, but I don't know if I'll keep it or sell it upon arrival. Battery life is one of the most important considerations for me so I really hope ya'll can give some assistance.
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    Looks like you beat me to it, I was just gonna post a thread asking the same thing.
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    Battery life is great for moderate use. I haven't let it run below 40 percent (according to zLauncher), but that was after nearly four days of "I love this new gadget" use. However, using radio- or data-heavy apps like Snapper (with frequent autofetching) or Verichat can shorten battery life quite a bit. Especially since Snapper has to turn on the screen for each fetch. Before I found the 'Disconnect upon completion' and used Verichat in pure SMS mode, I think I could've killed the battery in under two days.
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    My battery life is definately longer than it was on the 600. Also I now surf the net a lot more than I did on the 600 so while the 650 gets taxed harder it still last longer. I would normally be about 20% around 8:00pm and its now 11:30pm and I still have 40%
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    Watched 20 minutes of Seinfeld... only ate 2-3% of the juice.
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