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    Hello, I'm from Vietnam. I recently purchased Verizon branded Treo 600 CDMA from eBay. I decided to buy this device because I liked its quality so much but i didn't know how difficult to re-program it....... please help ....

    Following is my Treo's info:

    -software rev : Treo600-1.03-VZW
    -hardware rev: C
    -PRL version : 50174
    -PRI check sum : 0x11EC
    -Reburb status : No
    -Reburb provider: PMO

    I brought my Treo to a provider's center and got an answer that they can't re-program it (.....My Treo 600 was the first Treo they had ever seen)

    I had to spend hours on several forums and and at last i got an Activating code and MSL number (#*#000000) that helps me to change MDN (Phone number), MIN, SID (system ID), NID ( network ID). I brought this phone to Vietnam CDMA provider's service centre and was told that they need NAM ( Number assigned memory) code(s) to set PCH ( primiary chanel? ), SCH ( sub Chanel?), system band ( A band, B band, standard), MCC, MNC....

    Now when i punched debug code ( #*#33284 ) and got followed "debug prameters" board:
    -RSSI Value -105
    -CP state Invalid State 000
    -SID,NID 0,0
    -RF Mode,CH# Slepp,525 (Earlier, it kept turning 800 to 1900Hz..)
    -P_REV_IN_USE 6
    -SO,F-RC,R-RC 0,0,0
    -Active PN, Ec/Lo 0--63
    -Rx,Tx,T x Adj -105,--52,--63
    -Finger PNs 0,0,0,0
    -Finger Rx -0,-0,-0,-0
    -Finger lock State N,N,N,N
    -Bad Frames 0
    -Total Frames 0
    -FER 0.00%

    Any one knows about NAM codes/ NAM setting method for Treo 600 CDMA to set it into Vietnam 800 Hz CDMA network, Please help.....Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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    don't look at me....I bet someone will read this that may be able to help. Search for the threads on programming the sprint treos for verizon. You may want to send a message to some of the leaders in that area.

    good luck
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    Thank you, Jumpet. But really poor me , my problem is really out of the climb!.......Any knight out there....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz turn up!

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