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    I am thinking about getting Vaja's i-volution case, since it seems to be the only case that does not cover screen or keyboard at all.

    There is no doubt this is way too expensive by any standard, but for my $600, which I expect to use for a long time, I think it might be worth the money.

    So if anyone has already tried this one, could you share your opinion?

    Does it make T650 even bulkier than now? Does it provide enough safety?

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    check out the accessories board for more info. everyone that has one seems to be very happy with them. i have one on order and am using the oem treo case for now (sucks!). i ordered one cause all the other cases seem to mask the beauty of the 650, add too much bulk, or doesn't have enough drop protection. here's one of the recent 'got my vaja' threads . . .
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    Mine will be in my hands tomorrow. I will let you know as soon as I get it. I will post some pics as well.
    Grace & Peace,

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    Cool! Thanks guys.

    I will be ordering tonight :-) Only concern is which color it would be..
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    I have had my Vaja case for months now...and I absolutely love it! So will you! No added bulk--and it looks incredible. If they weren't so expensive, I'd get many more colors too! Best case ever!
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    I had one for another handheld and it was THE BEST CASE I'VE EVER OWNED! However, they are definitely overpriced. I don't think I'll buy another because of that, but they definitely are if you're willing to blow the cash, do it! I'm spending that money on a touchscreen remote for my home theatre...
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    I have it and have to say it is the best made, coolest looking case I've ever had. People comment on the case as much as the Treo 650, You won't be disappointed!!
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    picking the color combo is the toughest part. it took me a week. go to to see all of the color combos. you can get a 10% discount using promo code PLM10 on, but not all the color combos are available and not all the available combo's have pictures on palmone (you'll see what i mean). hopefully you won't end up like me searching for each available palmone combo i liked on the vaja website than bugging all my friends and family about which ones they like than offending them for not picking the one they like.
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    I have a vaja for the 650. I have had a few vajas in the past - they are a great blend of protection and fit - not bulky. They look great and feel great to hold.

    I like the case for the 650, but it is not quite perfect -
    • I find the right side of the case by the keyboard too close to the keys. Pressing the bksp, and enter keys in particular is somewhat cumbersome.
    • I does not feel as comfortable against my ear compared to a bare treo
    • The dark blue was not as dark as I had hoped. Very minor beef and probably my fault for not looking close enough on the vaja site.

    Vaja is a great company. Their products are unmatched in quality.
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    Thanks montoya! I just ordered Red/Black combo from PalmOne with 10% off :-)

    Woohoo! I can't wait!!
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    Don't know if this has been given any thought, but it looks like it will be a pain to have to remove the phone from the case so that you can remove the battery cover every time you want to do a soft reset. Maybe drilling a small access hole on the battery cover (and case) might not be a bad idea.
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    yeah considering soft reset is unavoidable..... karl made a good points..
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    Doesn't look good for the belt clip option. I'd be afraid with it facing out and no screen/keyboard protection it might easily be damaged. For now I'm using a leather pouch type until I can find a decent sturdy belt clip style that protects the screen/keyboard and allows full use. Do they make such a case that is truly functional with screen/keyboard protection?
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    What is your definition of truly functional? That is pretty subjective IMHO.
    Grace & Peace,

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    To me, no cumbersome vinyl or cover for keyboard or screen is a big plus. And I ordered one without beltclip as I carry them in my pocket.

    If you want something more conventional with cover for keyboard/screen with beltclip, you can look at other cases from Vaja as well. They have 2 more models other than i-volution.
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    Did everyone order your case directly from Vaja? I want to order one and donít care about my name on the back, I just want one. I was wondering if anyone had them in stock? Thanks.
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    you can buy from vaja or palmone. i've only seen ones for the t600 on ebay. i haven't found a place that has them in stock though.
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    i-volutions are all made from scratch, they say. btw, if you order from PalmOne and enter the 10% off code (From above), you get your name on it as the same price of without one from Vaja direct.
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    Ah cool! I will use the 10% and order from Palm. Does anyone know the lead time on getting one?
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    I have had one for a 650 for about a week. I think its great. The quality is top notch. Nicest case (by far) I've had for any of my treos. It's not all that expensive by the time you are done replacing your $30-$40 cases a couple of times. Took two weeks to get it to me (ordered 11/25) in my hands by 12/10.

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