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    I have a new treo that i have a question about. I have outlook at work and outlook at home. I have separate contacts for work and home and want to sync both with the treo. Is there a way to sync both directly into a category? IE: i want my home contacts to "home" category and work to "work" but i dont want my work contacts to be copied to my home outlook and vice versa.

    Is there a way to do this? thanks.
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    Well, since you have Outlook running against different stores then the data from either one will end up on the other.

    Categories are supported so you should be able to do a Work and Home category. Just keep in mind that your Work stuff will be Home and vice versa.
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    Take a look at Chapura's Professional. It allows for multiple Outlook folders. When you sync them over to the Treo they all end up in Contacts but with different category names. I used their KeySuites with my Treo 300 and it allowed for a drop down list in the upper left corner of the calendar and contacts folder that I could use to switch between the four different contact folders I had in Outlook and the two different calendars. Unfortunately, it doesn't support the 650.
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    what about using 2 different handheld software packages? like running beyond contacts for work and agendus for home? I could just configure the hotsync on both pc's differently?

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