Fellow Fry's Junkies

I've been trying to figure out how to view online ads for Fry's Electronics. I know that the San Jose Mercury News (newspaperads.mercurynews.com/RopAds.aspx?adv=32664&ad=1150993) and the Orange County Register (ads.myoc.com/onlineads/ocr/index.jsp?catId=1&adNumber=0006465593-01&advURL=www.Outpost.com) post their ads online, but neither Blazer or Xiino seem to be able to view the the ads in detail. One site, www.skweezer.net, actually helps with showing the individual "Ad Detail" links, but they do not work. Another site, www.frys-electronics-ads.com, does do a good job with the ads, but it is not updated daily.

Anybody been able to get a Treo 650 browser to view Fry's ads? Anybody have any ideas? Shadowmite, any chance that you are a Fry's Junkie?