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    Is it just me or is the Alert window annoying. Maybe I am just used to datebk, which gives you individual appointment reminders.

    Am I not allowed to "snooze" my appointments now? Does Calendar not allow that? Do I only get one sound reminder and the rest is a flashing asterisk? I am just not diggin it!

    Thoughts and suggestions from others on how to be a satisfied "Calendar" power user.

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    You lost some useabilty when the calendar went from the 300 to the 600 (ie snooze time), and even more (week view) when it went to the 650 (Hs to Palm).

    I downloaded Datebook5 and am very happy with the snooze and weekview being back, as well as a hole lot more. I will buy this app just for those two reasons.

    Try the free trial of DateBook5 (45days I think) and see if it works for your needs, Matt

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