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    I just bought a used Treo 300 off ebay. Everything works but the keyboard. Is there a way to lock and unlock the keyboard? I can use enter,space bar and the home button but nothing else. Any ideas?
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    I can think of 2 possible causes:
    1) The touch screen is locking the unit. I installed a screen protector once and it got pinched under the housing and was pressing on the top corner of the touch screen. This effectively locked the unit, all keys/buttons did not operate (including the side jog switch)

    2) The flex circuit connection (connector) from the keyboard to the main PCB is open and may need to be re-seated, read: open up the unit. Not extremely difficult if you are handy, plenty of info on this site with directions for opening up a Treo.

    good luck
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    I fixed it by unpluging the battery.

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