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    I started out using a really cheap-o headset that I got almost for free called the Cardo Allways. I scored this baby from for a few bucks just to try Bluetooth a few months ago with an older phone. At the time, I had to use a 2.5mm to Bluetooth adapter because my Sanyo 5500 doesn't have Bluetooth. Well, when I got my Treo 650, I paired the headset and checked my voicemail a few times with it. I think I made about 2 or 3 calls, mostly to test the Treo 650 itself, and didn't even think about the headset since I had already ordered a Motorola HS810 and was just waiting for it to be delivered. My thought was that ANY $50+ headset is gonna work better than this cheap-o Cardo Allways one. Well, to make a long story short... after trying about 6 different headsets, the most expensive of which was $130, I realized that either Bluetooth was just a bust, or I maybe something was wrong with the Treo 650. After pretty much giving up, returning all my expensive headsets, and giving in the pure perfection of my trusty Plantronics wired headset, I decided to dig up my Cardo Allways just for old times sake. Well guess what?! Little did I realize but when I had first tested the headset with the Treo on its first day of arrival, no one mentioned any distortion, popcorn sounds, or voice fading whatsoever because THERE WASN'T ANY! The headset had worked perfectly! I started making calls and actively asking people if they could guess whether I was using a wired or wireless headset. Every single person I spoke to said wired, of course! I was amazed, and can still hardly believe that such a cheap headset works so well - I can get a full 20 feet between the headset and the Treo, there is no or imperceptible interference, and it works perfectly... Allways! (what an ironic, albeit mispelled name for a headset!) Anyway, the one flaw in this headset, which pretty much every other headset has is that it is prone to pick up wind noise. However, Cardo ( just released a new headset that is similar to the Allways, except that it has wind noice reduction technology and a 9 hour battery life (the Allways has a 6 hour battery). I ordered mine and am expecting it on Friday. I will definitely post more about it as soon as I receive it. Oh... one thing that might be discouraging - the Allways headset it very ugly. The new one, Scala 500, is a bit more attractive, but I'll judge it more on asthetics when I see it in person. So, if you do get one good piece of info from this post, the super cheap (probably less than $30 online) Cardo Allways is thus far the BEST bluetooth headset for the Treo 650.
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    Are you sure you are not a shill?

    Cardos are POS compared to the normal market.

    As far as the best BT headset for the Treo, that would be the Sony 660.
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    No, I'm really serious. I didn't want to believe it, but honestly none of the more expensive headsets I tried could compare. I personally have no stake in this company - just wanted to pass on some useful info for the many users that have been disappointed with the Treo 650's poor support of many otherwise proven headsets.
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    Well, I checked Amazon and they're out of stock, or it's discontinued.

    Mike, if you pick one up let me know, I'm looking for a good BT headset for car use.

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    The Cardo Scala 500 that I am expecting to be delivered on Friday I ordered from It came to $45.90, including shipping.
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    Ok.. I ordered a Cardo Scala from It was $42 free shipping. Supposedly this unit has a speaker booster. I downloaded the manual and it even says that turning the volume up too much may hurt your ear.

    So I'm thinking this may help the low volume issue on the Treo 650. Mine won't come until next week.

    I'll let you know how it compares to my Logitech mobile Bluetooth Freedom and the HS810.

    I'm not too sure about this thing, but it is one of the only headsets that stress the speaker booster.
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    Personally, I am waiting for the Bluespoon AX. I have heard very good things about the Chameleon, and the AX is smaller....
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    I've also heard good things about Bluetrek's products, but unfortunately not many of the experiences people have had with them and Treo 650's have been positive.
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    I am using the logitech cordless freedom and liking it a lot. It has worked prefectly everytime. It is cheaper than most of the others i have seen and the windstopper technology works great.
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    rick325, the AX is available from and he seems to have a very good reputation.

    I picked up a Bluetrek G2 for $28 (after rebates) a couple weeks ago and am quite pleased with the price/performance ratio.
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    i think ill wait for some reviews ^_^
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    Im waiting for the JABRA BT 800!

    I dont care for the 250 but if they nix the annoying ear jelly and it has vibrate and a big ol display it may be a keeper...

    Guess we wont know until January

    Until then the Sony 660 is the best!
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    How can anyone says somethong is the best when you have not even tried it yet?
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    I don't think its the best. In fact, I'm very sceptical and am thinking it will probably suck. Someone should change the title. I'm going to try it and give it a review, though.

    I've tried most of the other BT headsets.
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    I tried the scala-500 from Cardo Systems and it is a real screamer. Their windguard blocker is so damn good that I started to use the piece while biking to work. It's cheap when compared to most other Bluetooth headsets and I personally think is probably the best looking one too.
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    Anyone else try it?

    Going for $40-$50 here...;_yl...a-500&did=&X=2
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    I have one on order from ($43 with free shipping)... I'll post my impressions when I get it.
    - Dan Butterfield (
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    thread title is confusing. let us know how you like it after you get it please.

    my logitech bt wireless freedom headset just shipped from can't wait to check it out!
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    Well, after reading this topic yesterday I placed my order for the Scala 500 yesterday and recieved it today. I gotta tell you the headset is very nice, and the reception and volume are the best I've tried. I'm very pleased with the unit so far but I haven't tried it outside just yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vchevres
    Well, after reading this topic yesterday I placed my order for the Scala 500 yesterday and recieved it today. I gotta tell you the headset is very nice, and the reception and volume are the best I've tried. I'm very pleased with the unit so far but I haven't tried it outside just yet.

    best youve tried huh? what else have you tried?
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