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    The volume on the HBH 660 is not sufficient because it does not fit properly into the ear canal but, I got an idea from someone in one of the threads to try the Slic Sound ( about $17 with shipping) earpiece. So, I ordered a set (3 sizes for each ear) and it fit over the earpiece on the HBH-660 and the volume drastically increased because the earpiece does fit into the ear canal. The earpiece does cause the headset to be about half an inch from the face but does not put too much pressure on the earhook or the top of the ear.

    In talking to people using the HBH-660 sometimes they claim slight static (could have been due to the rain outside) and some slight cutting out. It really depends on the phone on the other end. For example, my portable phone at home seems to have more of a problem than my wife's cell phone and less on my office phone voicemail.

    I would recommend the HBH-660. The caller ID shows just the number and since I keep it on my ear all the time driving, the caller ID doesn't really come into play.

    Hopes this helps those trying to make a decision on the HBH 660.
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    So sounds like we have two headsets tied for top: Cardo Scala-500 and SonyEricsson HBH-660. Maybe someone can make this a sticky... or do we have enough of those already?!
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    How do you like it with the Slic Sound? Not an ideal solution, but I found it perfect when driving in the car. That is the only time I really use it. It fits over the 660 nicely, too.

    Glad I was able to recommend it to you!
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    Thanks JesseRPI for such an enthusiastic thread on the Cardo Scala-500. I am a little torn between the SE & Scala. I would love to have the caller-id, but it sounds like the Cardo has better volume. Can more people vouch for the Scala?
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    is the scala500 avail
    what r prices for scala & 660 & best places to get them?
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    I bought my HBH-660 on eBay for $76.00 and had it in 3 days brand new in the box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DVD Guy
    How do you like it with the Slic Sound? Not an ideal solution, but I found it perfect when driving in the car. That is the only time I really use it. It fits over the 660 nicely, too.

    Glad I was able to recommend it to you!
    Thanks indeed for the recommendation. It is not perfect but it makes a great deal of difference while driving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnski1969
    is the scala500 avail
    what r prices for scala & 660 & best places to get them?
    I am going for the Scala500 since it can be had for around $50 shipped where 660 seems to be at least $30, or so, more. Plust the cardo seems to have better battery life.
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    Well, I just bought 2 BlueTrek G2 from TreoCentral Store. One is a gift so I do not know if its functioning correctly, but the one I am using seems to have some static, loud enough to annoy me. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to fix the problem or did I get a crappy one?
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    I have one. It works okay. I think volume is decent if you seat it corectly in your ear (a little work required.) Battery is very good, but device can't operate very far from phone. I'm only looking for any BT headset to work work with my phone in my pocket. Sometimes it does this, sometimes not. The static appears to be random. I have not tested it after flashing my ROM with Faisal/Shadowmite fix, so I'll see how poeple think it sounds now. The phone itself may be a problem in this regard. Not a bad headset, but not the best for this phone IMO.
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    I just posted my review of this headset here:

    The volume is definitely louder then other headsets. I still wish it was even louder, though.

    I wish Call Waiting switch and Redial worked with treo 650. Otherwise, a good headset.
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    well I had the chance to use my new hbh660 today. Doesn't really seem load enough for me. I do work in the music industry and it may have to do with that haha. Seriously, I expected it to be much louder. I mean the beep in my ear is loud as hell, why can't the rest be as loud? I must be SOL.
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    Isn't the battery life on the HBH660 5 hours of talk time vs 9 hours on the Scala500?
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    Didn't want to start a new thread, but I wanted to cast a vote for the hbh660. Just got one today and it does it all- i-coming calls ring in the headset and it answers on one touch, out-going calls are transfered pronto, sound quality is vastly better than my previous bt headset. I can leave my phone in the horizontal case and talk with out static. I'm feeling better than ever about the Treo 650 now. Oh, BTW, my previous headset was a Bodyglove Earglove BlueVoice...going back to Sprint in the morning. It would ring in the head set but was very slow to answer, in fact, many calls would go to VM before I could get it to pick-up. Had static frequently, and the other party complained about chopped up audio on their end. Was pretty comfy to wear thogh.
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    Hall316. I have fond the solution for voluem control with the 660. Others mentioned the slicksound ear pieces....i've got one better. I decided this morning to screw around a little with my headset, and i grabbed an old ear gel form my wired Jabra wind-up set, and decided to see if i could get it to fit. With some stretching, i wiggled one of the eargels onto the headset, and i can't begin to tell you the difference it makes when using the 660. I can now hear in the car with the windows down. It's amazing. And an added benefit (as far as i'm concerned) is that I am now able to remove the ear-hanger from the 660, as the eargel holds it in place in my ear (tightly, i might add) so it is all self contained. I couldnt' be happier, and as far as i'm concerned, i know have the ultimate in BT headsets. I'll take a picture a bit later and post it here so you guys can see. It doesn't stick out on my head at all like was mentioned with the slicksound pieces.

    I would look into it if i were you.
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    Hey sail how about pics. A pic of the gel you used and then a pic with it installed. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woof
    Hey sail how about pics. A pic of the gel you used and then a pic with it installed. Thanks.
    Okay, here they are. The first picture is the remaining gels i have from my original pack. They come with three different sized (s, m, l) and one each for the left or right ear, as they are form fitted to fit your ear canal/opening.

    Second third and forth are the HBH 660 with the gel attached, and the last picture is of me wearing it in my right ear. Looks reversed cause it's in a mirror.

    Let me know what you guys think (and if the pics don't show up).
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    Sail. Thanks for the pics. I too have a set of the Jabra Ear Gels and was planning on using them with the P1 Jabra 250...though now after reading much gnashing of teeth about the 250, I'll drop the dough on the 660.

    Did you have to set up any specific profiles for the 660 to work?

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    Nope, just ran the standard set up in the Treo, and the 660 paired up perfectly. No problems at all.
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    I will say, the ear gels fit very tightly too, so there is no concern at all about them slipping off. It was a pain to stretch it to fit over the earpiece, but once on, its on for good. I chose the largest of the gels simply because i liked the look of the grey color with the 660.
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