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    I tried the Motoral 810, 820 and FreeSpeak BT250. For the price this one beats all three.
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    It occurs to me that I have heard different people rave about different headsets. I had a BT250, which was awful, others say it is fine. One person says the Cardo is a POS, someone else says it is the best.

    Is it possible that, given the weak version of Bluetooth the 650 shipped with, that it is the Treo, after all, and that sometimes it pairs up with a device - and out of luck it gets a good connection - and that most of the time it just doesn't? That maybe if the same persons needs to 're-pair' it again it may not work..?
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    Well, I received the Cardo Scala-500 yesterday, and yes, it is, in fact even better than the original Allways. When an incoming call comes in the Scala-500 seems to ring almost instantly, and when a call is placed, the audio is transfered to the headset just as quickly. In terms of interference... unless I've got my head in the microwave (j/k), it's very clear. As with the original Allways, there is no fading of voice on either end, and no pop-corn sounds that seem to plague the other headsets when used with the Treo 650. The battery life is rated for 9 hours, but I have yet to use it for that long! I'll post again with a better review of battery life, specifically, later in the week. In terms of asthetics... nice! Definitely much much nicer than the Allways. It is also much smaller and lighter than the Allways. The earloop is slightly adjustable to fit different sized ears, but not quite as much as on the Allways. I have small ears, and I find that it stays put very well, but will probably hold even better on people with larger ears. I have found that staying on my ear was one of the drawbacks of using the Moto HS810/HS820. Those two were extremely floppy and would stay on only if I kept my head very still - not the case with the Cardo Scala-500. Of course, as with almost all headsets, it can be adjusted for right or left ears quite easily. Of particular note, one design difference that I was pleased about when compared with the Allways is that the silver button to end/answer/etc calls now does not function as the power button, but instead power is set by a button/roller towards the back of the device. With the Allways, sometimes the power would accidentally shut off/turn on when it was in my pocket because of the placement/function of the button - no longer an issue with the Scala-500. Conveniently, the Scala-500 comes with a tiny holster hardly larger than the unit itself, making it unnecessary to carry it in the pocket at all, but instead clips onto ur belt/pants/etc. Cardo seems to be the only one to offer a sunglass/eyeglass attachment, but I have not tried this feature. I have not tested it in windy environments enough to report back, but as soon as I do I will certainly let you know the outcome. Considering that once again, as with the Allways, people I'm speaking to do not even realize I'm on a wireless headset, I'm optomistic that there will be notable improvement in wind noise cancelation. To be continued...
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    Alright, but does it actually raise the volume to a tolerable level? I don't hear well to begin with, but with the HS810 (which in all other ways I love) I can't hear a damn thing! The toggle mute/unmute trick did work once for me today, but if this headset is so much better I'll get it until SOMEONE (Silverado, you listening?) fixes the Bluetooth isse on the 650. And there IS an issue.
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    It'll be fun.
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    The volume of both Cardo Allways and Scala-500 is above the HS810. If you're measuring volume by the difference between each setting, I'd say the Cardo headsets are at least one setting above the HS810. Perhaps others who have tried both brands can comment as well.
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    And it's really clearer? Now that I can toggle the mute button, the headset seems to pop and crackle a lot.
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    It'll be fun.
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    Yes, it's much clearer than the HS810. I do not experience any of the snap, crackle, pop sounds common when using the HS810/820.
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    Just got my Cardo 500 bluetooth. It is pretty good. Much better than the Jabra 250, but still not as good as a plain old wired headphone. We are moving in the right direction, but we are not ther yet. Have a great holiday. Thank you all for the great info you have given me about the 650.
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    OK, well I'm on the bandwagon too. I just couldn't ignore the testimonials. I was uncertain which of all the choices to buy, and every recommendation seemed to have gripes coming from the other side. I'll be checking back to hear other people's experience with this product.

    Happy Holidays everyone.
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    Well if the Cardo BT headset doesn't work out, you can always buy an industrial power system, real-estate, construction services from them or even do an Internet start-up. Beyond Bizarre ! I will use this as a case study in "strategic focus" for the MBA program I teach... these guys are a gas !
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    ^^^ Hahah!!! That's a good one! ^^^
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    My wife is about to buy me a Cardo Scala-500 as a christmas present, but it will be used with my future GSM Treo 650 (which is my actual chirtmas gift). Anyway, do you guys think it will work just fine with the GSM Treo as it's been reported with the CDMA version.


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    I don't see why not. Since both Treo's most likely use the same Bluetooth configuration I would imagine that the quality would be equally great. Btw, the one currently out is CDMA, not TDMA.
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    The Scala 500 is a good headset (very responsive as pointed out above), and we should start stocking it right after christmas.
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    Would like to know how the Scala 550 compares to the HBH-660.
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    The speakerphone on my 650 is so good even inthe car I believe there is no point to buying nay headset.

    treo joe
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    wow thanks Joe, but this is a discussion of people wanting to purchase a bluetooth headset. see with a headset, your call can be private unlike using the speakerphone option.
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    I've actually toured the power plant featured on their website. Weird.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcus
    Marcus, the Scala-500 does support call waiting. You have it listed as not supporting that feature.
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