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    Quote Originally Posted by 4ster
    I like the Scala. Comfy. Love the glasses clip. Good and loud.

    Has anyone who ordered the free ear gel actually received it?
    I received the ear gel and i think it works marvelously to channel the sound to your ear. As i've said before, with the ear gel, the Scala 500 is now my #1 headset of choice for my Sprint Treo 650.

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    The Cardo Scala 500 is on sale this week (APR 2- APR 8) for $19.99 after rebates.

    - $20.00 instant savings
    - $10.00 mfr rebate

    Hope people find this great deal. I am going to pick mine up today. Not a bad deal to try out the SCALA 500 for a first BT Headset!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SDWeinman
    Based on this post I checked the 640 on the Plantronic's website, and according to them it will not work with the Treo 650. I am assuming that it is just some of the features that won't work. I'm really torn between the 510 and 640. I currently have a motorola HS850 and I love everything about it except the low volume, which has made me not use it much, especially in the car.
    Clearly does.

    The 640 is my fourth BT h/s and is far and away the most satisfactory. It is light, comfortable, and has outstanding sound quality. It was easy to sync and it is easy to charge. I have not stressed battery life yet but seems to be more than adequate, particularly with the variety of ways (120 AC, 12V DC, 5V DC via USB, and 1.5 V AAA battery) to charge it.
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    Just picked one up from CompUSA for $30 before the $10 rebate. Surprisingly this version comes with a standard plug charger that goes into the hole behind the MFW. So the problem with the clunky charger people mentioned previously is gone. Also the package comes with a car charger as well.
    For $20 and change after the rebate, this thing comes with alot of stuff.

    Somebody mentioned about a "free earplug". I'm assuming this is the silicone bubble mentioned in the manual. How do you get one for free?
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    Never mind. I've found the free earplug offer from
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    cardo scala 500 is the best i've tried!!!!! sad to see the moto h700 go (sold it to a friend with a motorola phone) but just picked up the scala for 20 after rebate from comp usa today during my lunch break. Damn thats a good price and all the clips it comes with it also the car charger. Thanks goes out to the man that started this thread about the cardo's thanks for the non static alternative to the expensive p.o.s. bluetooth headsets now if we could only get voice signal to work on treo's where we can push the cntrl button and it asks us for a command!!!!
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    HBH-300 is still the best for noise cancellation and battery life.
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    Now the 500 is for 20.00 or less from lots of places (Comp USA Thread in same forum for more info).....

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    has anyone found a better bt headset than the Cardo Scala-500?
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    There are lots of threads about BT headsets but quickly some people have had good luck with the scarla some people bad luck??

    I personally had one, not too bad,? but since the scarla have had a Plantronics, sony hbh 300 . treo BT and now the Jabra JX10 while its not perfect ,i like the JX10 the best. Size ,comfort and sound quality. (some issues with connection every so often)

    But there are a lot of differnt exp's out there!!!
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    DUmb question here maybe....i was reading on that the scala 500 does not support call this true?

    see for yourself, Please tell me I am just readin this wrong

    Edited: Nevermind I found out it does, so i purchased the Scala 500 at Compusa earlier this evening. Although i must say that i am hearing alot of static. I can barely use the headset if I dont hold the Treo on the same side of the body and very close to the face. Is that just me or can I rectify that? I thought I could leave the Treo in my case on my hip and still use the headset static-free....Is that a dream or is that possible?
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    scala 500 going for $9.99 after rebate at compusa. this is the basic package - belt clip, eyeglass clip, ear loop, neckband, charger that goes in back end (no cradle, no car charger).

    i bought one. couldn't pass it up. use compusa's erebates and it's ridiculously easy to get the rebate.

    they only had two left when i got there on sunday, and i suspect it's being phased out for the newer scala 700.
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