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    Quote Originally Posted by disting_gent
    BTW, Discovery 640 came in, and boy, what a surprise!!

    I'm LOVING it....

    Then again, thats only 4 hrs in... Let you know later...
    Any more feedback on the Discovery 640? Just ordered mine to test against the Voyager 510.
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    Just ordered the S/E HBH-300, thanks to the info in here. Can't wait to check it out!
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    Just found a new feature last night. Whilest the 640 was plugged into its holster (which was clipped to my shirt) my phone began to ring... and then my holsterheadset VIBRATED!!!

    An added beenfit that I did not know existed... SWEET!!!
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    Based on this post I checked the 640 on the Plantronic's website, and according to them it will not work with the Treo 650. I am assuming that it is just some of the features that won't work. I'm really torn between the 510 and 640. I currently have a motorola HS850 and I love everything about it except the low volume, which has made me not use it much, especially in the car.
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    I can wear my 510 just about all day with comfort and the volume is not an issue at all and I drive a corvette
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    I have an issue w/ my Treo 650 and I'm dying for some help.

    I have a Cingular Wireless Treo 650 and I paired it with a Mot HS820 (known to work with other cell phones). It exhibits an unusual behavior. It pairs successfully and I can make a call without any problem. However, affter receiving the call I lose my connection to the bluetooth headset (I have a blue "B" instead of the headset symbol in my Treo). To regain the connection I must power cycle my headset. I also tried pairing a Treo brand headset and had the same behavior (I also reset my Treo).

    After having no luck here, I returned my Treo and I got a new one, same behavior w/ the HS820 (btw, for the call that I make, the reception is great). Frustrated I went to a Cingular store and they said they'd heard of the issue, and suggested I buy a different headset (HS850 from Mot). Of course the behavior is the same (at least w/ the 850 it's easy to power cycle).

    So I've tried two different Treos and three different headsets and I have the same results. I'm positive that my Treo has paired successfully with my headset in every case (I enter the code and all the lights flash and it confirms that pairing has been completed).

    Has anyone seen anything like this? Palm's tech support was unsurprisingly useless.

    Thank you in advance if you can help!


    p.s. My firmware version is 01.31 and my sw is Tre650-1.15-CNB
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    It's definitely the headsets. There are known issues with the Moto HS810/820/850 working poorly with the Treo 650. It seems that people have had the most luck with the Cardo Scala-500 and Sony Ericsson HBH-660/662. Good luck!
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    I had a quick question. Im in desperate need of a new blutooth headset for the 650. I have the Moto 850, but as everyone else says, it sux to use with the treo. I was thinking about the Scala 500, but I just heard from someone that the Blutrek g2 is good? I saw the G2 has the piece that goes in the ear and the scala doesnt.

    Ive read on here that the scala was good, but wanted to see if anyone knew about the blutrek. Ive seen them for about the same price on ebay.
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    The Blutrek will work, however, it is prone to interference, such as hissing/static.
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    ohh ok....i guess ill probably order the scala then...unless somethin else catches my eye
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    I don't remember if this was mentioned earlier, but Dan's Cellular on eBay has very good prices for the Scala, as well as others. I've ordered from him several times and have been happy with everything.
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    i wasnt able to find dan's cellular but i found another guy sellin the 500's for $25 with $11 I might do that...not sure yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnski1969
    now that shadowmite has found BT 1.2 updater in the bootloader... which headsets support it & music audio? wonder if I should wait to get headset until see how it shakes out w/shadow.
    Is this an updater for the Treo 650? How does one get it, and can you apply it to the Sprint Treo 650?
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    Is it me or does the SE HBH-300 have an awful lot of static. Been using it for 2 days and it's going back. Guess I'll try the Scala next.
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    Disting Gent,
    Are you still pleased with your Plantronics Discovery 640 headset? I'm thinking of getting one for my Treo 650
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    I run 3 Real Estate development and investment companies and usually don’t have time to read let alone post on these sites. However, after having major frustrations with 3 headsets, I came here to see if all of you can confirm an issue with me.

    When I use my 650 with ANY headset, and my body is BETWEEN my 650 and headset, I get MAJOR static. Connections even drop. I don’t like to wear my 650 geek-style on my belt. I drop it in my back pocket, but then I get major popcorn static with the headset. This even happens in my front left pocket w/ headset on my right. I even switched out my 650, but that didn’t help.

    I went up to a guy in my company and asked him to do this with his LG phone & headset. He was shocked it did, but never knew because he always wears his phone on his belt under the headset. Certainly I figured Verizon would have reports, but after talking with local and national reps, Verizon just shrugs their shoulders at me. I would ask ALL of you to try this and report back here to tell me if it happens to you. Does ANY headset work cross body?

    While I am here, allow me to share my experiences with Motorola, Sony/Erricson HBH-660 & Treo headsets.

    MOTOROLA: TERRIBLE half-duplex problem. This means when someone is talking on and on and won’t shut up, they CAN’T HEAR ME until they are done. Otherwise, comfortable to wear & easy to put on with the “swinging door” style hook. Exchanged for HBH-660 because of static problem described above.

    HBH 660: I grade it with 6 “F”s!!
    -COMFORT - F: OUCH! Hurts to wear. Speaker doesn’t fit in the ear canal and presses against other part of ear.
    -ERGONOMICS – F: Pain in the *** to put on and take off. Needs to have swinging door hook.
    -VOLUME – F: Not loud enough!
    -CALLER ID - F: A for effort. F for execution. It only fits 7 digits and you have to wait for it to scroll to see the other 3. By then, the call goes to VM. The screen is WAY too small to be of use, even for a guy like me with eagle eye 20/15 jet fighter pilot vision (my past life). Sony undoubtedly did this on purpose so the next one will have a big screen and they can take credit for “listening to customer feedback”. This is inexcusable. If Sony was the Apprentice, Trump would slam his desk and point to them and shout “Your Fired!”
    -BATTERY LIFE - F: After a few months of use, the battery would die after a few hours of use.
    -BATTERY METER - F. Another A for effort, but F for execution. Except that the meter moves 1 notch (90%), then jumps to the lowest notch next (10%), then beeps and dies! What’s the point if the meter won’t progressively reduce!!??

    I suppose if you use the solution by SailRace and remove the hook and add the ear gels, you solve 1) the volume problem, 2) the too hard to put on problem, 3) the comfort problem. However, you are still stuck with the caller ID and battery displays problem. Also, I am concerned about 2 things using an ear gel:
    1. Does this mean I can’t hear everything else?
    2. Is it comfy to wear a long time like this?

    I still had the cross body static problem, so I shelved it.

    -Comfortable and loud. This is what I am using for now, although I still have the cross body static problem.

    SailRace, you may come work for me and make 6-7 figures. You posted something of SUBSTANCE and VALUE and offered a SOLUTION. 90% of the other posts in this thread were useless chit-chat.
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    try the se 662. pretty good headset

    Current:Cingular 8525 w/Faria R32

    Next Phone:
    Something from HTC because Palm sucks, so I want a Touch Pro, Touch HD, or a Treo Pro.
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    Ihave been a happy user of the HBH-300 for more than two months and static has not been an issue. In fact, it is the most land-line like headset I've had, and I've had a few now. (HBH-660, Cardo Scala 500, Jabra 800). You may have a defective unit, because this headset is very clear, in my experience. My only issue is loosing pairing after a soft reset.
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    I agree, I've had the treo wireless headset, the logitech mobile (great headset, just bulky), and now the HBH-300 for the last month. The HBH-300 is awesome! Just a little big. Great battery life, but more importantly, noise cancellation is top notch. No one ever knows I'm where I'm at. I was on a call today while walking around costco and the other person thought i was in the office !
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    SAKozicki & Smartphone, can you post how you went about setting up your HBH-300? Maybe I'm missing something. I've heard good things about this headset, but maybe the set-up is the reason I'm having a bad experience with this headset. Thanks.
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