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    Just ordered the SCALA500 and a PC bluetooth usb adapter for my Treo 650.

    Thanks for everyone's input on this device, as it helped me tremendously in my decision.

    Picked it up on NewEgg for $38 +ship.
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    Enjoy, and good luck!
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    I'll put in my history to add to the fray.

    1. Cardo Scala 500: Static at 2 feet and further, good sound and volume. (Returned)

    2. Sony Erickson HBH-602: Good sound quality, low volume, better range then the Scala. (Returned)

    3. Logitech Mobile Freedom (New version with wind mic): So far the best, much better range, good volume, decent audio quality. Still testing.
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    heya DigitalOverlord!

    are you referring to this one?

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    I had the Logitech Mobile Freedom for one day before returning it. It worked, but just dang tore both ears up when worn for a couple of hours. I really was not impressed.

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    Just based on the scary picture of the model wearing this headset I think I'd avoid it...
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    Great - so what I've gathered from this thread is that there are no good BT headsets - they all have pros and cons and no one seems to agree that one headset is better then the rest. I think I may just stick with my Plantronics Wired headset that I used wth my 600 - might save me some headaches.
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    I hear that the range on the Plantronics wired headset is only about 3 ft! If you extend it any further the signal drops off immediately!
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    im returning my TWH (the 2nd one)...the logitech pro of mine destroys thinking of getting a logitech mobile freedom to compare...i have pics (in case they were posted in this thread)
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    Honestly, just stick with the Cardo Scala-500. Of all the headsets, this one gets the highest marks, on average.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger
    I had the Logitech Mobile Freedom for one day before returning it. It worked, but just dang tore both ears up when worn for a couple of hours. I really was not impressed.

    Today was my 1st day on the road with it and I have to agree, it tears your ear up. I think I might try the Logitech Pro to compair.
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    Sony Ericson H600. Compact, well designed earpiece, great clarity, I can leave my phone in my bedroom and walk into my attached office and get about 10 feet away before I start getting static. I would recommed it to anyone. I have both the jabra 200 and 250 and though I liked them on GSM phones the H600 is the clear winner on the treo. I'm thinking about trying the treo branded headset as soon as I can scrape together the funds.
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    the plantronics 2500 bluetooth headset has been absolutely solid and crystal clear for me.
    its recognized immediately and I've never had issues with voice clarity on either end.
    I haven't tested the other headsets mentioned in this thread yet, but I can say that the plantronics 2500 has been a pleasure to use.
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    The last few months I have been using the Jabra BT250 and the Scala 500. The Jabra worked better in my truck and the Scala was better in my office. After this latest update the Jabra is by far the best headset for me. I am able to get around 20 feet away without much static at all. It is working in my truck, my office and at home were I have wireless routers and repeaters throughout the house. And, it's easy to carry. The shape makes it perfect to loop around a button on my shirt. This way I don't worry about it falling out of my pocket when I bend over. The Scala still works okay, but I have noticed a little more static on it than the Jabra and it doesn't want to connect as fast as the Jabra. I still go back to what I stated a long time ago when people ask what is the best headset. I think it all depends on a persons environment.
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    well - how about this... which one seems most comfortable? or is it the same answer: 'depends', heh!
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    Hi Guys,

    I only recently found this forum (although I've been on and ordered from Treocentral before) and was very interested in this thread. After reading the review on the Cardo Scala 500 I decided to get one (my first BT headset ever for use with my new Treo 650) for myself.

    I've had it about two weeks now and judging from the feedback here I'm either doing something wrong or have a problem with either the headset or my Treo because I almost always have static. I wear the headset on my left ear and keep the Treo on a beltclip on my left side. It seems the only way to eliminate the static is when I take the Treo in hand and hold it wihin about 8 inches of the headset. This occurs pretty consistently so I've begun to think that I should try another headset, but after reading most of this thread (and the Treocentral review) it seems like I'm using the one that most people feel is really great. BTW, I had no trouble setting it up and it always connects well to the Treo. I also have to say that when I don't have the static (pretty rare) I like the volume, size and functionality of this unit, but what I really need is a clear connection.

    I'm open to any ideas on this as I really want to use BT for my headset as I travel often and want to eliminate the wired sets that usually get caught in one thing or another (I have many stories).

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    Ok, I have a question that I cant seem to find a conclusive answer to. Are there any bluetooth headsets, and in particular the two discussed here, that will play the phones ringtones in the earpeace of the headset? I like to know who is calling me before I answer the phone. I also like to keep my phone in the lower pocket of my carpenters jeans. The caller ID on the bt 800 was a nice idea, but of course its useless with the 650. How is the CID on the 660? I assume that, if it works at all, it just shows the incoming # and not a name based on the address book.

    So, to summarize, im looking for a headset that has good quailty and will (ideally) play the phones ringtones when a call comes in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodah
    well - how about this... which one seems most comfortable? or is it the same answer: 'depends', heh!
    To me the Jabra feels better. I put the smaller earpieces on and the way it hangs/wraps around the ear is comfortable and does not feel like it will fall off when moving around or bending over. But, then again I guess it just depends.
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    I've got the Cardo Scala and it has been awesome, except for when I move more than 6 feet from the Treo. The other gripe is that I can't have the volume up all the way on the phone (God knows you have to since the volume is an issue) or else the conversation starts to break up. Background noise also makes the conversation break up. Other than that, the Cardo has been the best headset I've tried.

    I may have to try the Logitech one if everyone is raving about it

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    Well, I guess I answered my own question. I ordered the Logitech Mobile Freedom and tested it out yesterday and it works just fine. I can go up to about 20' before I get static and the sound quality is much fuller due to the larger speaker element. I also tested how others heard me and for the few people that I spoke with they said the sound quality on their end was fine.

    I've read reviews that people were unhappy with the way the unit fit on their ears and felt after wearing it awhile so I left it on last night for a few hours and once I did some finer adjustments it felt fine and fit very well (I think more securely than the Scala 500). Another discussion I've often seen is related to the size and the fact that the Logitech doesn't lay right against the face. I don't find the size that much of an issue (after all each BT is larger than a wired set) and while the boom doesn't lay right against the cheek (due in part to the larger and comfortable foam padded earpiece) it looks fine to me.

    At the end of the day (IMHO) the sound quality is better, no real static to speak of, it fits just fine and connects quickly (more so than my Scala did) so I'm sending the Scala 500 back and will stay with the Logitech.


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