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    Is there a reason that when I created my first account pointing to Inbox, an Account named IMBox shows up? And it has Inbox as a subfolder. The folder structure looks like this:

    Inbox (0)
    Inbox (68)
    Local Folders
    Drafts (0)
    Outbox (0)
    TreoSent (0)

    What is this?? I uninstalled everything before installing .16d, then installed the new version. The "Inbox (0)" is the one I created and it doesn't download any mail. The Inbox (68) under IMbox has all the mail, but there are no mail server settings for this Folder since all the settings are supposed to be in the Account information. But I can't see any Account settings, because it says I have to connect to the IM server!! This is really confusing!
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    The structure is like this (hyphens are there to denote subfolders):

    Inbox (0)
    --Inbox (68)
    Local Folders
    --Drafts (0)
    --Outbox (0)
    --TreoSent (0)
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    I suggest you completely delete Chatter from your machine and start over from scratch. The best way to delete is with the launcher.

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    I've done this several times...
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    What happens if you type "chatteremail" at the Console?

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    Chatter Email
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    That doesn't get rid of IMbox? If not, I'd (again) suggest starting from scratch. Which means deleting Chatter and all related databases. Sorry.

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    I have 1.0b16m[50:2] (these version names are getting complicated)
    Totally clean install after having completerly removed chatter & all databases from my Cingular Treo 600.

    I have 2 accounts set up: Albert & Eileen. "Albert" is mapped to my inbox, "Eileen" is mapped to my wife's inbox.

    The IMbox folder appears in a goofy location as follows:

    --Cronin Comm
    --Xmas Trees
    Local Folders

    "--" means it's indented in the display

    "Cronin Comm", "Scouts", "Sent" and "Xmas Trees" are all sub folders off of the "Albert" Account. For some reason "IMbox" is showing up in the middle of the sub-folder listing...note it is in alphabetical sequence...

    I use Verichat as my IM program.. (sorry) But I would either like to have the IMbox "account" not appear, or have IMbox show up as an Account further down the list..

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    Go to console and type "inboxfix" at the prompt.

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    It accepted the command & "quit" out of Chatter.
    No change, however, in the listing of the folders.....
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    I'm glad you're using something else for IM, actually! As for why IMBox appears, I'll have to check the code. Can you try "Shutdown Chatter Email" and then deleting ChatterIMbox with Filez?

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    This is exactly the problem I'm having. I'll try to do your latest suggestion. The IMbox doesn't seem to create any problems.. everything works very well. Its just a bit annoying to see and makes me wonder if there's something wrong in the background.
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    That got rid of it! and everything seems to be working fine still. I deleted ChatterIMbox using FileZ. THANKS SO MUCH!!!
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    Yeah.. that worked for me as well.. thx Marc

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