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    i'm looking forward to getting the 650, but its just a teensy bit pricey for my blood

    bite the bullet - aye

    its a good phone

    market leader imo

    but, i was looking to take advantage of every discount possible - including the i'm-new-to-sprint-so-i-qualify-for-new-acct-discount discount

    but, if i'm nextel now, and nextel and sprint become one company, then i'm NOT new to "sprint nextel" now am i?

    my acct is up in april05 - do i have anything to worry about?
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    I, too, am a Nextel user (though I plan to drop them as soon as a GSM Treo 650 is available). I read that Sprint Nextel is fading out Nextel's iDEN technology, so all current Nextel users will need to purchase new CDMA phones. Once they start this, Sprint Nextel may give a discount to Nextel current users to help with the migration. Its the only decent thing to do!

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