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    I've got a scenario that is a little tricky to explain, but here goes. I work for a IT consulting firm and the office manager adds our daily schedule to our calendars in advance. This means that somedays I have two 4-hour appoinments and somedays I have one 8-hour appointment.

    I want to be able to create other calendar items inside those appointments. I do these appointments as reminders so that I don't forget to go fix a users PC or rewire a jack before I go home, etc.

    HOWEVER....If I have an appointment that is 8 hours, none of the time bars are shown for that 8 hour period. I know that I can create a new item that will end up being a conflict, but it is much more convenient to just navigate to a time slot and enter a new appointment. This is one feature I LOVE on my blackberry, but it seems that neither the palm calendar app nor DateBk5 can do.

    Is there any way to do what I want? If not, is there an application that will let me?
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    Agendus allows this. It's an expensive fix. Hopefully someone else has a better(free) fix.
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    Do you know what setting will enable this?

    I downloaded the trial of Agendus, but I can't seem to to get it to show the hour bars when an appointment already exists.

    For instance, when I have an appt from 8:30-12:30, there is no 9/10/11/12 hour bars showing....I looked thru the settings but could not figure out how to enable this....

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    I am now seeing what you mean. I don't use that view often and my meetings usually only slightly overlap so I didn't even notice that it doesn't do what you wanted. I use the Today view. Sorry for that. At least it didn't cost you$$.
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    Ah well, thanks for the suggestion....I don't know if any of the PIM apps out there do this on Palm...
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    Well I finally figured out a way that is somewhat usable:

    Our office manager always adds appointments without any category data, which drops them into the "unfiled" category. So now I just switch category view to "personal", enter my great. I can easily switch back to all and then see my nested appointments.

    Not optimal, but works for me!

    Now, does anyone know how to make the alarm set to ON by default in the Palm Calendar app?

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