As my issues with the 650 seem tolerable, and easily fixed, I have begun to wonder if voicing them here will get them fixed, or if I should be taking them to P1. I concluded it might be best to keep track of exactly what I am doing when I get a freeze or loop, and thought it might make for a good thread, so here goes.

I froze today after entering my 5th quick dial, I froze on Monday the 13th for the same reason, and I froze last Thursday, for the same reason. It seems after a few days I get comfy that I wont have a problem and re-enter these quick dial phone numbers and then wham. I suspect I can solve this problem myself, by not entering any numbers into the quickdial feature, but why stop using a feature without passing it along. Lets make the folks at P1 aware of as much detail as we can.

So, I am asking that anyone with a freeze or loop please detail the frequency and what they were doing at the time it happened. I am not sure if we need to also mention the apps we have installed, but I am sure it wont hurt.

I have AOL 3.2.1 as the only APP,and I am paired with a bluespoon digital headset.

Thanks Everyone