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    I have a silly question probably many of you can help me. Just bought 2 songs from iTunes and wanna copy them into the SD card so that I can listen them on my Treo 600 through Pocket Tunes. However it does not work and I got a message saying that the files does not exist but I checked that they are stored in my hard disc.
    Have notived that the file format is .m4p.
    Is this because the songs are protected?
    Is this hopeless or is there any way I can copy the songs into my SD card to play on Treo 600?
    Please help! Many thanks in advance.

    Terence from Belgium
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    You will have to burn the songs on CD, and re-rip them into computer in MP3 format, so they can be stored and played on Treo SD Card.
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    The songs are copy protected. iTunes and ipods play them because they support the copy protected songs but generic MP3 players don't (can't)
    Either burn to CD and copy back. There may be apps floating around that resolve this process.
    Note tnhat you can load any CD that you rip as MP3 format, even from iTunes.
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    google for 'iOpener' this app will remove the DRM from your iTunes library, resulting in .m4u files which can be ripped to MP3.
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    Yup there are various apps the remove the Fairplay DRM off iTune songs like the one redhead suggested...
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    You might want to look into Kinoma player over iTunes-- they should allow you to directly play an iTunes file that's had the DRM removed. Yes, you can convert the file to mp3, but that's like photocopying a photocopy.
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    Sorry if I missed it in the past, but gfunkmagic, what is the story behind your avatar photo?

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