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    This is very inconsisent and unrepeatable but is happening about every 5th call or so. Upon initiating a call the dial screen shows a headphone that is "cancelled" out (as an icon). The call is effectively muted. To hear the caller (callee) you need to press this button to have the speaker phone active.

    Its weird because on the majority of call this doesn't happen, just the occasional 5th or so call. Anyone else see this ? I have looked through all setting and cannot see that anything is set wrong for call initiation or answer.

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    Eclipse: I think your phone is automatically pairing up with your bluetooth headset and routing the call through it. When that happens, the second button on the call screen is the "mute headset" button, which mutes the bluetooth earpiece and returns the audiochannels to the phone speaker and mic. Mine does the exact same thing when the earpiece is near by, and I think that's the way it should work.
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    It's interesting and probably true...except this is happening when the headset is out of range. Thanks for the lead on this problem, though... that makes sense.
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    define out of range. If your headset is out of range then this wont happen. If your phone "sees" the headset it will. Maybe you have more range than you think.
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    That's exactly what's happening. I leave my headset in my car. I used to leave it turned ON all the time, but when I'd make a phone call from inside my house it would route the call to my headset, and I'd have to cancel that to speak on the phone (of course, the person on the other end doesn't know what's going on. They just hear dead air until I finally cancel the headset and start talking using the phone mic).

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