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    After only 2 weeks of use my BT Dongle has stopped powering on. I got the item new and it is already not working. It will power on sometimes if on the charger, but thats it. I sent an e-mail to their customer service and still no response. 3 days later. It was a not that useful anyways. Did not fit in my pants well with my Treo 600 was more of a pain than a benefit. Also, the D2 sucks to I had to crazy glue a jabra cover to the D2 so that it fit. As for the Dongle, I hope bluetrek gets back to me, I am losing my faith though. I went through the packaging, no warranty anywhere. Cheap product. Buyer beware.

    P.s. I wish the review had been close to reality on this site. I trusted the review when I made the purchase. Not much mentioed about reliability of how much of a pain it was to wear and carry around.
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    Thanks for the info. Now I am considering Jabra's dongle and their headset.

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