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    got mine! While on hold with palm 1 , I figured it out. sweet
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    I called this evening and was told the system for ordering the 128 MB SD card is down until Monday AM. We will have to wait.

    Also, P1 rep told me all 0 or O are to be interpeted as 0's or Zeros. You get it! Zip, Zero, Nada.
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    Watch those "O" and "0" in the S/N... I too took 4 tries before it would accept...
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    Ohhhhhhh. The system DOES work PERFECTLY... We ALL thank you Kevin...!
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    Did anyone ever receive their 128 MB SD card?
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    i just ordered my second free card. ordered yesterday shipped today!!!!
    If i end up returning this phone to i will order my third one! LMAO
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    Well... I ordered mine back on December 16th and still NO 128 MB SD card in the mail...
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    Im super new to the treo world, I recieved my 650 yesterday, applied for my card today and was told the ID number was already used.

    BTW, 650 looks great, works great, checked the phone to see if it was a refurb, it was not listed as one.

    Am I alone, or is the card supply exhuasted? THANKX mike
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    I wonder if there is a scam going where people are putting in random numbers to get the free card?

    jersey3, was your Treo new or did you get it from eBay where someone would have know the serial number?
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    It's great I got my free card and all- however, it is totally useless to me. I already use a 512 mb card which isn't enough, now I have a 128mb card which I can't seem to fit inside the slot alongside my 512 card. How is this supposed to help my memory problem?
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    yeah got it off ebay, great price though, somebody must have scamed me. too bad oh well. live and learn.

    Thankx for the reply SofTTware
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    ordered it about a week ago and got it yesterday. but, it is a bit useless as i am already using a 1gb card.
    Truth is good, knowledge is power and it's the second mouse who gets the cheese
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    Got mine a couple of weeks ago; haven't found a good use for it yet; already have a sandisk sd 512mb card.
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    Has anybody had any luck getting it without their id number on the case?? I lost mine...I feel retarded, but it just disappeared...I carried that sprint cd around for awhile with my laptop until i finally installed the software from the cd on it, and by the time I took the cd out I couldn't find the case. This is crazy, anybody know if the number's on the cd, or the manual somewhere?? ANYWHERE ELSE than the case? PalmOne probably wouldn't find it in their best interest to call Sprint and verify my ESN because it would be too good for the customer though? Serves me right...I have a 1G & 512M, but I thought I'd just use the free card in my camera. DOH! I'm so st00pit.
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