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    I've been having multiple soft resets during Hotsync, particularly during ePocrates and also backup synchronization (particularly while backing up the TextPlus medical database). This is annoying. Does anyone know of a fix for either of these programs in relation to Hotsync?

    But on a recent series of repeated Hotsyncs (I can get a successful Hotsync maybe 1 out of 4 nonetheless), Hotsync stopped and I got a very weird screen on the Palm (not a soft reset):

    There were 4 horizontal bars of color (red, blue, yellow, and green, i think) and a small print "Boot v 0.7" or something like that. Anybody else experience this?
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    I've gotten this screen as well. It happens in situations identical to what you're seeing - immediately after syncing or backing up large files. A reset cleared it up, but doesn't make the problem go away. Search your hotsync logs for the file that's causing the reset & use Filez to flip the backup bit to "off" on the offending file(s). I had to do this to all my DocsToGo files.

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    I had the same prob with my TextPlus DB. Am going to try it again and this time turn off the backup feature. Thanks for the tip!

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