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    Heard about this on the 600, but not the 650. I've soft and hard reset, so it must not be a software issue since nothing is on it now with the hard reset. It was just a white screen, but since I've been writing this it is now the 'phone' screen, but is is locked up with the time that it stopped working (30 minutes ago). Anyone else seen this?
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    I saw it last night and figured it was GoodLink related....are you running GoodLink? I was sending a file via BT and hanging up from a call when I got it. Hitting the phone button repeatedly seems to have fixed it. I just chalked it up to the phone app's flakiness on the 650.

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    No, haven't used Goodlink and haven't used BT since I lost my earpiece a couple of weeks ago.

    Sprint Technical had me do a hard reset and then had no other recommendation other than take the battery out for 30 minutes. Just completed the 30 minutes and it's back to the white screen only. Tech said if that didn't work return it to a retail store. Hate to take time out of my day and fight xmas traffic. I asked if they could mail me a replacement and the answer was no since it was outside the 14 day window.
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    so you did a hard reset (with the power button and reset all data) and it is still white screened? Must be a different issue then...i hope.

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    Yep, hard reset done a few times and it comes back to the white screen. Here's a pix for the unimaginative for what a white screen looks like.
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    Using the 650 after sprint store visit. The SD card was corrupt.
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    I sometimes get a delayed response on the 650 wherein I see the white screen. I did notice too that a couple of my pictures stored on my sandisk 256meg card we're somehow edited and ruined.

    What type of card did you have and did you have any indications that the card was bad?
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    The SD card is a Transcend 45x 512mb. I formatted it on the pc. Looks like it was a file corrupted in the DCIM file on the SD card. I think.. anyways I'm back up and running. Too bad the Sprint tech didn't know that could have been the card it would of saved 2 hours out of my day.
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    Also getting phone delayed white screen, are a lot of people having this problem??
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    I get that same white screen with SMS's. It doesn't happen all the time, but I cringe when I get an SMS because it may cause the white screen which only a reset will cure.

    Anyone else seeing the same thing with SMS's?

    Cheers & Thanks In Advance!
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    My father purchased a 650 after seeing mine and his whitescreened. He took it to Sprint store and they gave him a new one. He did not even have an SD card installed so we know it was not that on his. No amount of resetting by him or the Sprint Store folk fixed it.

    Hope we get some more data as to what this is.
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    I noticed most people seem to report this problem tends to begin happening after a period of time. I too noticed everything was fine for the first few days and then it got progressively worse. I tried a little trick - cleared my cookies and cache from within my blazer advanced preferences , and so far , whenever I receive an SMS and select GOTO to view it, it works just fine. If it starts giving me the "white screen again" , I will try this again and see if it helps.
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    Weird, it just happened to me twice yesterday and I've had the phone since November. It was the first time it had happened, and it, too, was suspiciously near a time I received an SMS message. I receive an SMS message maybe once a month or so..
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    I occasionally (every 1-2 days) get the white screen when I hit the applications button. Sometimes it is brief, other times it can go 20-30 seconds. No real pattern or trend regarding apps or when it happens. Not many resets to speak of. I have mostly the stock stuff on the 650, except TT Nav 2004. I have an ATP 60x 1GB SD card, but this problem has been in play since before the card and TT. No hacks. I do have the few second delay to dial, but that is no prob, similar to the freeby phone I replaced. I guess I would expect a patch to hopefully address this?

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