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    Any suggestions for the best e buds or plugs for use with the 600 ptunes? thanks all.
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    I have Etymotic E4, but they are brutally expensive (got a really good deal). If you don't mind spending a little money Shure E2 is pretty good, Etymotic E6i is really good, and the cheapest of my recommendations is the Sony MD71. The Sony is $50, but you can find them all day long online for bewteen $30 & $40. The Shure and Ety 6 will set you back around $100. As with all things audio, the law of diminishing returns kicks in pretty early, so once you cross a certain threshold, the more money you spend, the smaller the sonic gains. I also have a pair of the Sonys, and got a pair for my girlfriend. One other thing to note, all the ones I mentioned are "canal" phones. They are like earbuds, but they actually insert into the ear canal like a plug. They are great for reducing ambient noise and because they are sealed, have really good sound.
    check the forum for A LOT more info - fair warning - most of those guys don't like the Sonys, but I do.
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    Agree with Vinman...the Sony's are good for the price you of dimnishing returns apply to this technology...
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    Thanks so much. I am off to purchase them...

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