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    I am using a mac and have the isync conduit installed. After running a hotsync where can I see my memos from the phone on the computer? They are not listed in palm desktop.

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    Last I check iSync doesn't use the Palm Desktop, it uses all Mac AddressBook and Ical apps. If you do a regular hot sync (not iSync) memos are in the momeo section. Not sure where they end up (if at all) with iSync.
    StickyBrain 3 now supports Palm memos as well.
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    Unless you remove the Memos conduit your memos will continue to be synced to the Palm Desktop.
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    Not sure whats goin on, they should be in the palm desktop software but they are not. It shows zero memos.
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    Check your conduit settings. Both "memo pad" and "memos" should be on "synchronize", (or one device overwriting the other).

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