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    I expect I've missed this discussion because I was interested in other things at the time.

    I'd like to have a POP client that runs on the Visor. Not something that sync's to a POP client running on my PC, but one that actually runs on the Visor, allows me to compose email offline, then dial up and send and receive to/from a regular SMTP server/POP server. This is for someone that is, most of the time, not going to have access to his PC, but will be roaming around with just his Visor/Palm Pilot, and does not want to have to lug his PC with him. He has not bought a PDA yet, and wants to get one instead of a laptop. His main application is email, so a laptop would be rather overkill, if he can get this one application on the Visor.

    Any and all suggestions very welcome. And, of course, I'll also be searching on Palm Gear and all the other usual places.

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    MultiMail is one, but search PalmGear. There are plenty others.

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    Related question:

    Obviously, one would not be able to read attachments on the Visor. However, what happens to them? I don't expect that (in most cases at least) memory would be an issue, but many simple POP clients get confused with attachments, even on a PC.
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    The nice thing about MultiMail is that it has plugins available to it. It can read Word, Excel and a few others, attachments.

    As for what happens to them, nothing. With POP protocol, there is a setting for leaving on the server. If you enable this, when the POP client checks for Mail, it will skip files that are larger than what you've specified as your download limit. Though this doesn't always work 100% correctly and it still actually has to download the entire file before it realizes how big it is.

    This is where IMAP is better, it doesn't have to download. You can leave it on the server and read from it.

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