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    Has anyone tried this:

    Transfering pictures from a digital camera which uses an SD card, to the Treo 600 via SD card, and then emailing the picture?
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    I works. Have a Minolta Dimage Xi and I transfer the pics by placing the card into my T600, opening "Pictures" icon, hit the upper right corner pull down menu and select "Card"...from there you must select the photo you want to share and 'move' it to your phone (any category is fine, I just use "unfiled"). from there it's the same procedure as pictures taken with your T600...good luck!
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    Perfect way to update my moblog when I'm traveling, and want better quality then the built in Treo camera.

    I'll try it.
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    Works great-only issue is to share a photo from a "higher res" image will take a bit longer to deliver-up to 2-3 minutes longer if a image high resolution (such as 3.2 megapixel-took me 4 minutes to send one image to a friend) Best of luck!
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    Works for me... I have a 5MP Luminox FX75 and I can share it right from my Treo. Also, using CardExport, I can import it into my desktop app, Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0
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    Agreed...can download from a transfer on the card to desktop or synch with Treo pictures onto your desktop...lots of ways to do this...

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