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    Can those with 650's in Atlanta comment on reception, specifically whether you are having the "voice choppy/voice digitized on the other end" problem that some have experienced. While the problem appears to be the microphone on some phones, I wonder whether the particular coverage area contributes to the problem. [I'm posting this here as it is a 650 specific question]
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    I have always found coverage in Atlanta to be very good. My experience has been that it's slightly better with the 650. My T600 used to roam several times a week when I was inside certain buildings. I don't think I've seen the 650 roam yet, and I haven't seen it drop any calls yet. I'm not the heavy cellphone user I used to be, so it may be I just haven't used it enough yet.

    I haven't done the exhaustive testing that others have on the microphone problem, but I seem to have some problems when there's a lot of background noise. Whatever the microphone problem ultimately turns out to be, I seriously doubt it's related to location.
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    I feel like my coverage in Atlanta has been a little better with the 650 than the 600 as well. I did however have someone tell me yesterday for the first time that my voice was breaking up (that was on a call from Charlotte to Atlanta). Not sure if it's been an ongoing problem with my mic or if it just started. Like someone said in another post, most people won't bring it up unless you ask or it gets so bad they can't hear.
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    I have used Sprint for past 4-5 years in Smyrna, Buckhead, now in Alpharetta. With my Treo 650, only place I don't get good reception is in Kroger and my house. Go figure.
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    I can't compare it to 600, as the 650 is my first Treo, but my reception in Atlanta has been good. The only person to complain is a friend, and this is a guy who has always had the absolute worst/choppiest/static-iest service I've known...I think he uses a Treo600 and AT&T, but his reception issues pre-date his Treo.
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    I have had a good experience so far with Spring and the 650. I've mostly been in the Northern and Northeastern Burbs (Alpharetta, Duluth, Norcross and Lawrenceville), but have laso gotten OK reception at the Cumming end of Lake Lanier and along MARTA down towards and in the airport.

    Reception is a little weak at my home in Alpharetta, but even downstairs I'm generally gettign at least 1 bar.

    No real choppiness or digitization issues for me.
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    Maybe there is something wrong with my Sprint 600, but when I was in Atlanta at the beginning of December, I was having a lot of problems. I would have 3 bars and couldn't connect to voice or Vision for hours. Then, it would start working for a while, and then stop again for many hours, all in the same locations.

    I've never noticed this problem here in Northern VA before or after that trip. I was in the Perimeter area most of the time, but had the same problem near the airport.

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