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    Bad news for me...anytime I am on a call on my 600 now, the person on the other end says that I sound horrible and that there is a buzzing & humming noise that overshadows my voice....just called my voice mail and left a message for myself...sure's horrible! My voice is almost inaudible its so bad. I recently dropped the phone on concrete....maybe that did it? A soft reset did nothing. Anybody have any feedback? I'm sick about it....I may have to bring my SIM back to my SonyT610 so I can make calls....but now my 600 seems like it may be worthless when I go to eBay it for my upgrade to a GSM 650. Do you think its worth getting repaired? Or should I just retire it in my "cellphone graveyard" container in my closet. If repair, who would you recommend? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
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    is the unit still under warranty ?

    if so, call P1 and tell them (specifically):

    the unit buzzes when on a call.
    the other person hears it
    I hear it
    it is getting progressively worse

    I had this issue and they sent an advance replacement (ship a unit to you before they get yours back) at no cost.

    If the unit is out of warranty, there are do it yourself instruction on how to correct the buzzing -;start=0#0

    good luck
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    Bought it unlocked (but new) from an eBay user.....about 6 months ago....not sure if that will qualify for still under warranty (or if it has to be through a retailer)?? Any idea? Thanks so much for the feedback...I'll try it!
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    Call them anyway, and make sure to call them using the Treo! That way they can experience the problem first hand and probably won't even make you jump through their hoops to get it replaced!
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    Thanks for the advice guys! PalmOne is shipping me an advance exchange replacement! The only thing is that, like my original, it is an AT&T locked phone (I'm a TMobile user), I'll have to go through the unlock process again (I'll have to read up on it). Maybe they'll screw up and send me an unlocked GSM 650 that hasn't been released! (yeah, right)

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