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    After reading around I ordered a BlueTrek G2 and a Jabra A210. Using the review of the BlueTrek G2 from Treo Central, it was easy to get it working. In playing with it I have a few questions.

    1. On the A210 which mode would you put it in? They have three options.
    2. It appears the Treo 600 has to ring a number of times after I have hit the answer button on the G2. Is that normal?
    3. I seam to hear people fine, but they have a harder time hearing me. Does the volume setting effect both outgoing and incoming?

    Any other suggestions. I got it working, but I think it needs some fine tuning.


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    As far as choosing the right setting, I recommend making a test call to someone and test each setting with them. That's what I did and settled on setting #2.
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