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    Hey dudes

    please resist the laughter ---- but here goes

    Personally, I went with a headset partially because I wanna reduce the amount of radiation going into my head from the cell phone

    however, does a bluetooth headset also sputter out a ton of radiation?

    any answers are highly appreciated!
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    I don't know the answer, but here is a rough guess:

    Radiation power is reduced with the square of the distance.
    Roughly speaking, the range of a BT headset (30ft) is less than 1/100-th of typical cell-to tower range (say 3000 ft or approx. 1km), thus a BT headset probably has about 1/10,000 the transmit power of a cellphone.

    On the other hand, the BT headset is closer to your brain than the cellphone antenna. Under the above assumptions, as long as that distance between headset and brain is more than 1/100-th the distance between cellphone antena and brain, you are better off with BT headset. If this ratio is 1/10 (say 0.25in for BT headset vs 2.5in for cellphone), you are getting only 1% of radiation from BT than you would from cell.

    That said, BT and cell are on different frequencies, with different potential physiological impact, probably again in favor of BT. My guess is that risk from modern (digital) cellphones is small, and BT headsets are even safer.
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    cool! thanks!
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    To play devil's advocate - there's a caveat too - they used to paint watch dials with radium laced paint before they knew what radiation could do to DNA...

    Here's a little blurb on Bluetooth radiation...just for grins:

    BTW - I'm using a HBH-660 - hey, you only live once... :P
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    I guess I'm not the only one that has been pondering this question. Thanks for the info!
    RF is a wonderful thing.
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    That is most interesting. I wonder what a home network would produce, a desktop, four laptops, a wireless keyboard and three wireless mice. Mind frying....No wonder my soda is always warm.

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    Radiation is different for cell radios. Just like UV radiation is different from X-Rays. None of it is good for us, and the results of exposure are cumulative, but rads from a bt earpiece (at least on a numbers basis) is minute compared to what is emitted from a cellphone - which, by the way, is minute as well. As far as a home network goes, it is roughly equivalent to that given off by your cordless phone (but since it operates on a different frequency, it too is different). You are probably picking up as much in the way of electromagnetic rad from your computer screen or television. Do everything you can reasonably do to minimize your exposure to those things you can control (wear sunscreen, have as few X-Rays as possible, don't live under high tension power lines, etc) and worry about your exposure to cigarette smoke, chemicals in your food, and pollution in the air and water.
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    With respect to home networks, there is also the issue of duration. You could have (to pick numbers out of the air) a BT headset that you use for 1 hour per day, and a home WiFi network that is on 24x7. If the WiFi is 1/10 as damaging to you than the BT (due to the distance) it would still be more than twice as bad on a cumulative effect.
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    I got my brand new laptop equiped with blootooth. I will spend with it about 6 or 7 hours a day, 7/365. How long will it take to fry me?
    I think there is a possibility to unistall the driver, but I donīt know if that will stop the emission of radiation or just it will not work properly(I mean sending right messages), would the antenna still works. Ohh I am an ignorant.!

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