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    Hi everybody-

    After spending nearly a full weekend trying to get my Treo 600 to act as a wireless modem for my Mac w/ AT&T GPRS service, I figured it would be worth my while to take another couple hours to write up directions so others can do it a little bit more quickly than I did.

    So, for eternal entombment in the archives, here is the link to instructions I put together, which should work with pretty much any GPRS service worldwide.

    Please feel free to email or post if you have comments or corrections.


    Keywords: wireless modem wmodem mac os x treo 600 300 180 GRPS GPRS data pdanet
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    I Was just wondering what I would do if i don't have a seriel port on my mac to hook up to? I have a 17' powerbook.
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    You use a USB cable.
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    but doesn't that kill the work around? usb is glitchy so use usb to serial and it works. Right? So without serial on my laptop i would need to do usb to serial back to usb? That can't be right can it? Btw thanks for posting the step by step. I was ready to get a seperate TMobile phone and number to use as my modem but this will potentially be much sweeter - if I can get it up and running of course!
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    Would it work alot better if i got a serial to usb cable would that be more secure than just a straight usb?
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    If you don't want it to be glitchy, yes you use a USB->Serial cable, and then a second serial->USB cable. So your connection goes USB (Treo) -> Serial -> USB (Computer).

    However, I just use the straight USB->USB cable, and deal with the glitches. They aren't that bad, and I don't use the service that often.
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    Thanks for the clarification! I'll try usb and see if it works well enough for me.

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