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    that is the question.

    Unfortunately the version of Jot I tried, 2.1, works on the T650 but slows the already slow screen responses to a crawl. Some touch screen buttons seem not to work at all.

    Has anyone else had more success with Graffiti anywhere?

    PS: If you post responses telling me how stupid I am for not preferring thumbs to styli, I will use the PalmOS Voodoo doll to make your T650burst into flames.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevesm
    Has anyone else had more success with Graffiti anywhere?

    Sorry I don't have my Treo 650 yet, but what type of problems have you had with GA? Is there some compatibility problems with it? I've used GA on my 600 for a long time and have never had any issues with it...
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    I dunno about GA ... about to try it.
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    I have used jot 2.1 without any of the problems you described other then weirdness with some screens that was expecting button pushes. For instance, the dial pad is harder to accurately dial for some reason so right now jot is disabled. I would love it if I had the option to activate it temporarily like you can do in Graffiti Anywhere.
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    I'm currently using TealScript for "on screen graffiti" input. I did try GraffitiAnywhere for a short period, but I was having problems with using Graffiti2 - mostly a lack of reference. I really wanted just Graffiti1 back, and TealScript seems to give me that. I haven't tried the latest Jot yet since TealScript seems to work ok.
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    Does Tealscript not have the delay problems with the touchscreen?

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