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    i searched the forum and didn't see an answer to this so if i haven't seen it please forgive me. i know that versamail can download attachments for viewing, but can i downlaod them to the treo for use in other applications?

    for example, downloading a picture sent to me and use it in "pics and video" so i can use it as a caller id or screensaver


    editing an excel or word file that was sent to me for review.

    thanks for all your help guys.
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    Not sure and yes.....

    I have not figured out how to save a picture from the mail, but a document or excel file will open with Docs to Go. Once the document is open there you have the option to Save As and then you can modify it then.
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    OK yes, you can save the images as well. In the view of the mail message you see the attachment on the bottom. You have to click on the icon next to it and it will give you the option to view or to save.....

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