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    I am using Act! for Palm OS on my Treo and Act 6.0 on my PC. I can bring up Act! on my Treo but if I choose anything other than the outside icons (monthly view and Act!) my Treo 600 resets - sometimes turning off my cellphone function and sometimes not.
    I have been to the Act! website and downloaded a hot fix. After hot synching it to my Treo 600, it does the same thing.
    If anyone knows the procedure to get Act! to work in a useful manner with the Treo 600, I would appreciate hearing from you.
    I have run Google searches to find a solution but I get too many unrelated results and have not found a reference or a solution to this problem...
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    I have had Act 6.0 and Act for Palm on a Treo 600 (Verizon) running since July '04 without even a single reset caused by Act.
    Syncs are flawless and all the information flows both ways every time.
    I have Act for Palm plus two fixes (an upgrade 1.01?, and a telephony fix, both found on the site). Act 6.0 also might have an upgrade or two from the site.
    I also have audacity, snappermail, docs to go, ptunes, syncall, treotweak, volumerocker. I get a soft reset once or twice a week and it has something to do with being in blazer and receiving a phone call or a voice mail.
    As an aside, Act for Palm needs an update for the 600 for things like better 5 way navigation button use and integration with email programs and caller ID. It also steals the phone, calendar buttons while in Act for Palm, but gives them back upon exit. But what the program is, seems to work without ever resetting the Treo 600. I use the calendar and To-Do's, and calls maybe 12 or more times a day (actually with set up and done maybe 20 to 30 times a day and I sync once or twice a day when I am in the office.
    I would suggest maybe a complete re-install of Act for Palm, or a hard look at interference from some other third party program.
    There is also a warning I get every now and then that suggests that I check the box to do a transfer from pc to Treo next time rather than a sync. I am not sure what that "fixes", but I do get the warning every now and then and I do perform the function.
    Good Luck.

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    Somehow I missed the telephony patch in the hotfix section of
    On your advice I downloaded it and seconds later my Act! works as it should. Thank you!!!!!
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    Let ACT know now that you are interested in an update for ACT! for Palm OS via
    and also call Customer Service asking for details on when they will have an update for the Treo 650 Palm OS v5.4 ****CALL- 877-386-8083 ****

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