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    [I]this is the 3rd email i have sent. the first i listed the problem i have with versamail 2.7 and my treo 600. i have no audible notification, and the treo will not auto connect and retrieve mail. i got a reply asking what handheld i had, even though i had listed it in the original email. i then replied with the above information, and have received no answer. i don't have a clue why palm one would fraudulently sell a program that does not work, and then not supply any support to fix the problem. i would like you to provide me with a phone number to discuss the above problem, since email does not seem to be working. i will be pasting a copy of this email on every forum related to the treo 600, and email software i can find
    kevin mcgillicuddy

    i just received an auto response from palm one saying i will be contacted in 12 hours, the clock is ticking
    Versamail 2.7 specifically designed for the treo 600 is ridiculous, it wont work as described, i have no mail notification, and it will not auto fetch mail. i use aol and the advertising for the product says it works fine for aol. i dont mind spending $30, but after i bought the product i was unable to download the product. when i contacted palm one( somewhere in the Phillipines), they initially told me that the product was not available for the treo600. after an hour on the phone they told me it was available for the 600 and they could not tell me why i could not download it. but the money was out of my account minutes after i clicked buy( i checked via online banking). several days later i was finally able to download a product that does not work as offered, and i have no way to get my money back. does anyone else have any ideas for me
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    Not trying to bash you, but next time use proper capitalization and punctuation. Grammar errors can make people overlook a correspondence, no matter how important the topic.
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    12 hours plus no reply

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