Just a quick note from a former lurker on all of the advice here on dealing with defective Treo 300s. I got mine originally in October last year after both my Palm Pilot and Motorola cell phone were stolen. The 600s looked good, but Sprint didn't have them in stock yet and I needed replacements right away.

This past July, I had the infamous hinge problem. My local Sprint store was decent about it -- I had to wait about a week for a reconditioned 300, but I didn't have to pay anything since the phone was still under warranty. The reconditioned model carried a 6-month warranty and I've been checking the phone like a hawk this past month or so. Sure enough, the hinge started to crack a couple of days ago.

Back to the Sprint store where they gave me the news that they would replace it with a reconditioned 600. They had to order the accessories and I should have the whole kit and caboodle in 3-4 days. Of course, I'm a little wistful that I'm "only" getting a 600 since the 650s look so awesome. But I'm just as happy to let others use them during the initial shakedown period. And I will definitely get the insurance on the 600 so that I'm covered for whatever will go wrong with that model.

The folks here on this board have been terrifically helpful for me.

Thank you, all of you, and happy holidays.