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    I have lost my remote for my tv. Is there a springboard module planned or software so that I may use my Visor as a remote control

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    There's a shareware program called OmniRemote that can mimick a remote control and transmit via the built-in IR port on the Visor or a PalmIII or higher.

    Keep in mind that IMITATE is the keyword, since you must have the original (or equivalent) remote control for the device you want the Visor to LEARN.

    Also, the built-in IR range is very short. I'm able to control my television from my couch about 8-10 feet away, but I have to aim pretty well.
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    When I tried to use OmniRemote, my maximum range was about two and a half feet.

    Would anyone suppose that I've got a defective IR? Or is that standard?

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    I tested the demo.

    The range is about 4 feet (or 6 if I'm lucky) with my receiver, and about 6-10 feet with my DVD player and my TV. Note that my RCA DVD player didn't work at all initially until I changed IR carrier frequency to 56000.

    I wonder if trying a different frequency for the receiver would make a difference. My guess is yes, and that the difference is that it would stop working altogether.


    Well whaddya know?!?! The auto frequency selector for my receiver was 39200 for training, so that's what I had used. Well, I changed it to 37500 and now the range has increased to around 8 feet. I am glad that my above statement was incorrect.

    Unfortunately, none of them work from across the room 15-20 feet away, where I am half the time.

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    I can get Omniremote on my Visor to work as far as 15 feet, although I have to aim better than I normally would with a remote control. Make sure you have your visor pointed the right way (the IR is on the side, so the side has to face your TV). Its a great little program
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    Same as me, more than enough to control a TV from a comfortable distance.

    Another advantage of OmniRemote is that the layout can be flipped from vertical to horizontal. It looks more natual since the IR port of Visor is on the side.

    An orignial remote is required to setup the buttons on OmniRemote.
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    Same here, easily a 15 foot range for me. I must say, it was hilarious playing around with people's TV's on New Years Eve.. I have a cheezy sence of humor.. oh well..

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