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    I have searched and searched this forum and PalmOne's website for HOURS but cannot find my exact issue. My Hotsynch settings for my 650 are set for Calendar to 'Do Nothing' after install. Everythign else, Tasks, Congtacts, etc synch fine. I chagne the settings, save them, set them as the default, resynch, and boom, changes itself back. Nothing I enter in my Calendar or on my phone get synched back to one another. I've resinstalled 3 times w/ no luck, including a complete uninstall, reg hack, then reinstalling.

    I've seen where some have bought addon synch programs but it should support this simple synch out of the box according to the docs, web sites, etc. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I had the same outlook synch problem and spent 8 hours on the phone with Sprint and Palm One and NO ONE could fix this problem. They told me I would have to buy Pocket Mirrors for $50 online. I did and this program had a problem with the different conduits for Outllook. Some one on the Palm One form told me to go to run and type Outlook.exe folders/reset This fixed the problem with the outlook synch problem I hope this works for you.
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    Ahhh... do you use the Active Sync technology for one of your email accounts?

    Active sync takes over the calendar and the conduit is forced to a do nothing state on each sync. This prevents multiple duplication of data since the Active Sync wireless Calendar sync and the desktop Outlook or Palm Desktop Calendar sync are incompatible.
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    No, I do not use Active Sync. Also, rtanger, I tried to run the Outlook folder update and it failed. I'll poke around MSFT's site and see if I find anything.
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    I too am having the same problem as well as my Treo resets during EVERY sync. I tried the outlook.exe /resetfolders trick, but to no avail. I will keep looking and post a fix if I find one, but if someone beats me to it, please post your findings.
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    Having the same problem. Any new information to suggest?
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    This is insane. I have gotten no help on this issue from TreoCentral, Palm, Sprint, or Chapura. I have inadvertantly deleted my entire calendar TWICE trying to sync it. Why is something so simple so complicated to figure out!?
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    I am just not too sure where it is. It goes something like this: You have remove/delete all midicache files (maybe there is 7-8 of them) then there is a few other ones. I think it has to do with Versamail? maybe I tried this method and it worked for me. I am going to go look for it.

    I'll be back in a few.
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    I'm having the same issue. NRG: thanks for the pointer, but removing those files still didn't solve the problem. I used VersaMail setup to delete the account that used ActiveSync and I still can't get the calendar to sync with Outlook as the setting keeps changing to Do Nothing.

    I'll keep investigating and any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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    Anyone ever figure this out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by the worm
    Anyone ever figure this out?
    I had the same problem. Over a few days I spent hours with Verizon, PalmOne, etc. Tried everything mentioned with no luck. Finally, they told me to use Chapura. This solved the problem instantly and gave me a much better sync conduit with better conflict resolution and more features on the phone. I went with the expensive KeySuite becuase I liked the extra features, but if you didn't want to spend the money, try PocketMirror Pro first (both are available for 30 day free trial)
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    Has anybody figured out this problem? I attempted to setup activesync with excahnge and found my company did not support it. Now My calendar will not sync no matter what . Anybody figure out how to solve without spending $$$????


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    Is uninstalling Palm Desktop and reinstalling an option? Be sure to update the Outlook conduits to ver 1.02...
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