I have been using Hotsync for quite awhile (I started with the Palm V - although I must say I also use a PocketPC with ActiveSync which I like better just because it has a continuous sync function)... and ever since I upgraded from the 600 to the 650 and installed the new software I've noticed that many times when I startup the PC I do not find the Hotsync Manager in my Task Tray... however I see it running in the background within Windows TaskManager and even when I try to relaunch the Hotsync Mgr it doesn't show up in the Task Tray - I've looked within all the Taskbar properties to make sure it's not hidden, etc... I know it's running because when I click the hotsync button it definitely does a full sync, but many times it never shows up in the Task Tray... Anyone else experience this? Any thoughts?