Previously, I posted concerns that my calendar/datebook application was not copying over the "location" field information from Outlook 2003 to my new Treo 650. After feverishly copying and pasting conference call information from the calendar program to the phone program, I tried to figure out how to get that field to show up by perfroming the following actions:

1. Installed Datebk5 (latest update for Treo 650) to see if it would show the location data - didn't help
2. Uninstalled Datebk 5 to see if that would help - didn't help
3. Installed Datebk5 again as I prefer that program - didn't help
4. Tried upgrading Pocketmirror Chapura (to "Standard" edition), which is what I thought I was using to synchronize between 650 and outlook. The "location" information did show up, but I received several synch error messages and after contacting Chapura support, realized that Pocketmirror was used to synch previous treos/palms and was not used as the synchronization product for the Treo 650.
5. Removed Pocketmirror completely from my computer
6. Tried to synchronize two new "test" calendar entries - no luck
7. Rebooted computer
8. Tried to synchronize and everything EXCEPT the Outlook functions synchronize.

Now, I have no idea what to do! Any ideas on how to get the Outlook synchronization functionality back? Help!!!

P.S. I am working in Hawaii and my treo installation cd is back in Sacramento, so I don't even have access to that software! UGH.