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    I recently changed my personal account over to because they offer IMAP and godaddy didn't and 1and1 say that they support the IDLE command.

    However, I have been running into a bunch of glitches, including the email not pushing without me resetting the connection to the server and frequent SMTP errors. However, my work account that I have always used with Chatter works fine. I have the newest version and have also tried deleting Chatter completely and recreating all the folders.

    Does anyone have any experience with working with Chatter? Since my work account is working fine I'm thinking it has to be's server with my personal account.
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    Hi, Randy. I sent you an Email...

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    Marc, did you get my re-send of the log?
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    I've been working with 1and1 and SnapperMail on this issue for a couple of months now. 1and1 keeps saying they've solved the problem but alas they haven't. I think they assume that since it works with Outlook and Outlook Express that they're cool but of course they aren't. BTW, what's the best option for IMAP 1&1 access with your Treo 600? I don't want to buy VersaMail just to find out it doesn't work!
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    Has anyone solved this problem? I have tried on chatter and Snapper with no luck. The IMAP works fine on outlook and Thunderbird. But I cannot get the others working for my life... Anyone help me out there?

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    I use 1and1 with Chatter, and haven't found any problems...

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    I received an email from 1&1 saying they'd solved the problem but they had not. I replied and they gave me a "non-answer". I'm guessing they were just trying to close out the tickets in their support system.

    I'm with you guys on your results. Works fine wiht Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc. but it's a no go on Snapper because of the body.peek issue with the IMAP standard.
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    turnepf - Can you tell me exactly what the problem is? I'm not so sure I understand it now.

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    I installed chatter yesterday. Using 1and1 I only got messages when I reset the connection. This a.m. I set up a fastmail account, forwarded my 1and1 account to it and the messages seem to show up immediately.

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    I have the same problem with 1and1 not pushing. I have to reset connections each time I want to recieve emails. Any suggestions?
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    tab - Can you try "Reload folder list"? Also, could you send a log?

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    I use 1and1 with a re-direct to mailtoweb (exchange). The mail2web account is dirt cheap and I could use it for everything, but I have my server at 1and1. This works perfect for me with no latency on emails. You might want to give them a try.
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    I'm having the same issues with IMAP and VersaMail on my Cingular Treo 650. Has anyone heard more from 1&1? I'm tired of fighting it with them. They just tell you it's fixed and close the ticket. Call me disgruntled POP3 boy.
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    I was never able to get it to work so I ended up changing it over to fastmail. I'm guessing that their IMAP server doesn't support IDLE.

    I did find it was quicker to talk to them directly instead of waiting for an email response. Their number is 1-877-461-2631.
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    Hi all,
    Sorry to resurrect this, but I am seriously thinking of singing up for a 1and1 windows hosting account. They have pretty good deals!

    So, the question is, are people still having issues with email being pushed to you?

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    I host through 1and1 and have been happy with them. However, I have my email forwarded to my fastmail account (I'm back with Fastmail after trying AIM) and get the email pushed from there. As far as forwarding goes, I haven't had any problems with
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    Thanks for the reply heberman. I am currently using fastmail, too, but it would be nice if I didn't have something else to maintain. Although if that is what needs to be done, then I will. Just that from Marc's comment on page one, it seems that it should just work!

    I'd really like to host my personal webpage with them as they offer windows hosting at a good price. Have you been pretty happy with their service?

    BTW: I like your avatar! Pretty cool.
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    There service has been fine. I think I pay $6/year to keep my domain name active through them. Recently I changed the way I maintain my webpage. Now, when someone types in my website address, it actually gets forwarded to a different company/site who does my maintenance/advertising/search placement promotion.

    I haven't encountered any problems with 1and1 in the two years I have been with them, except that my plan only provides for email support, not phone support. To get a question answered (on how to change my "A records" to the new company), it took them a couple of days to get back to me in response to my email.
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    As far as an ISP, 1&1 is very good. They have telephone support and lately have been adding services (and space) to packages for no extra charge. I've had one 2 hour outage in the 2 years I've been using them and you can't beat their domain registration fees.

    As far as IMAP, it works pretty well with VersaMail on my Cingular 650. I say pretty well because I don't quite get the IMAP standard but it seems that when I delete emails from my device it should consistently delete them from the server. I can't say whether this is a 1&1 IMAP issue or a VersaMail issue so I'll not pass judgement.

    I originally commented in this thread about Snapper. I've since moved on to VersaMail since it came on the 650 ROM. I can't say personally whether 1&1 IMAP is working Snapper but since I still own a license, is there anyone who can comment?

    Great thread all. Thanks...

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    1and1 does NOT have a great IMAP implementation; I've had problems with it in the past (as have some Chatter users) and their support has been poor. I don't recommend them.

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