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    I run a smtp server (exim4, with TLS), and Chatter (1.0b15.13) fails to send email using it.

    Eventually the send attempt times out and I get this error in Chatter:

    Sending Error. The server said:
    503 AUTH command used when not advertised

    It sounds like Chatter is attempting to AUTH before using EHLO. I'll attempt to make a log and send it off when I'm not at work.
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    This is fixed, I believe, in 1.0b16c, which you can find at

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    Thanks for the speedy response. Unfortunately, I installed that version, and I get the same error.
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    You should send me a log, then. Do you have TLS checked on the SMTP profile screen? Also, did you install all THREE files when updating to the new version?

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    Well, I solved it by switching my smtp server to Postfix, and making sure it accepted the 'login' auth mechanism (in TLS). Chatter doesn't speak cram-md5, I guess?
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    No cram-md5...

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    Hi Marc,

    Sorry to dig up this old topic, but... was that a "no, never", or a "not yet"...?

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    It was a no, not on my agenda at this point. Why not just use SSL?

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    Dunno... the server I connect to refuses plain logins, no matter if ssl or not. I'll see if I can have it changed. Thanks!

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