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    Has anyone tried the new silverscreen 1.0 application launcher? Graphically it looks great. However, from its description I cannot tell how one categorizes applications like one can in LauncherIII using tabs. There has also been a couple of bug reports when used under OS 3.3, which may not affect visor users.

    If anyone has tried it, is it worth switching from launcher III?
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    I used it for a few hours. At first, it was pretty nice...I liked the gray-scale toolbar at the bottom, but my visor has some display probs w/ grayscale, so i had to turn the contrast up to its maximum, which really jacked up the view of any other apps. Also, it doesn't use tabs for sorting...basically it just skins the standard palm launcher, which i hate. after about 3 hours of use, i deleted it and went back to laucner iii

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