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    What is the advantage to buying an unlocked t650? Being able to use the phone on any provider?

    And is it hard to un-lock a locked phone.

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    Yes, you can use an unlocked phone on any provider. I'm pretty sure that you can unlock a locked phone, but it'll probably take some geek a lil' while to figure it out before you can do it. As long as you have instructions, nothing can be that hard.
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    yes you can get an unlocked phone. However providers usually sell their phones locked to their network, so that the phone can only be used on that their network. However with the luxury of GSM, you can get it "unlocked" which removes the SIM restriction from the phone, either from the provider if they are nice or from a third party.

    See this is different than CDMA tech. CDMA tech is ESN dependant. IE (and i know im somewhat wrong about the rules), but general a CDMA phone will only work on the network it was branded with, and cannot be moved to another CDMA provider. IE if you bought the treo 650 from sprint, chances are you wouldnt be able to activate it on the verizon network.

    GSM, its the SIM that does the configuration. Meaning your SIM makes phone work on network and not the IMEI (unless the IMEI is reported stolen with the netowkr it is registered for and you just so happen to be registered with that network)

    sum it up...Unlocked, works for GSM only, and means any sim can be placed in the phone

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