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    As a developer/integrator, I have had a login to the Palm developer site for many years. In the past, you could tell how much they'd charge to get some demo units for clients, etc. Now, there is no way to see exactly how much Palm devices cost, nor can you order a GSM Treo 650! I tried emailing the contact but he doesn't respond.

    Anyone know what the costs are? I need some devices to let clients try out, but if they are cheaper on Yahoo Shopping, I'd just buy them there.
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    Hi Mike,

    PalmSource and PalmOne are now different companies. To get 'developper discounts' on PalmOne devices, you will need first to register to te PalmOne dev program, named pluggedin(it's free):

    Check this link:

    Once done, see the 'Sales & Marketing'->'Products discounts'.

    As far I see, it's a 20% discount on all PalmOne devices, exception made for the Treo :-(


    The HB++ team

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