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    Anyone know if it's possible to get a verizon locked treo 600 to work with Sprint service?
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    At this point in time it is not possible since Sprint will not activate any non Sprint ESNs in their system.

    The other way around is possible since Verizon will add ESNs for other CDMA phones.
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    Actually, Verizon does not lock their phones.

    As for getting Verizon phones on Sprint and Sprint phones onto Verizon, you should know that both carriers try to keep each others phones off their networks. I think it is easier to get a Sprint phone to work on Verizon than vice-versa. But Verizon has become far more difficult about it over the last year or so.
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    Albertb is right. It is impossible, as Sprint has a database of all Sprint devices, and if your particular device doesn't have an ESN (electronic serial number) in their database, then it's a no-go.

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