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    ecost is selling a 1 gig ultra high speed SD card for $66.00 after mail in rebate and shipping is free!,EWB06708
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    Moved to the correct forum.
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    I got excited for a moment thinking that this may be Sandisk Ultra card. But's it's only Lexar 32x which is not much different than their regular card. In fact, Sandisk regular is faster in writing speed than this card. But for the price, it's not bad, just not Ultra.
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    what would be the issue with the speed of this card? (what can't you do)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahalvor
    what would be the issue with the speed of this card? (what can't you do)
    It's all about the speed of moving data to/from the card. The faster it's speed (32x for the card referenced above vs 60x for the sandisk Ultra II) the faster the user will see tasks occur (opening apps and databases, exiting apps, writing to databases, etc). From some users posts and other speculation, general consensus is that the 650 is capable of benefiting from the speeds of the Ultra II cards from sandisk (thought not the Exreme III cards) and that the user should find most tasks appear to happen faster when using these for storage medium.
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    got me one.
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    I just purchased the Lexar Regular one for $74. I also have a $20 rebate to mail in for a net cost of $54 from I ran VFSMark on it and got 318. I am very happy with a regular card as it plays my movies and music perfectly.
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    Does that mean I can record video and sound to SD card from Treo 600 with Live! with no probs at all?

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